Mesonet at SD State Web Widget:

Want to connect your website to real Mesonet weather? Now you can.

Operated by South Dakota State University with the support of local sponsors, the Mesonet is the state’s source for timely, accurate and relevant weather data. Our new web widget puts that data in your website’s header, footer or sidebar. It gives your site’s visitors a quick view of current weather conditions at the Parkston Mesonet station updated with every page load. They can click through to get full access to complete current conditions, history, forecast and more.

The Parkston Mesonet web widget looks like this:
Mesonet at SD State Parkston realtime weather web widget

Those that financially support their local Mesonet station are encouraged to add text “We proudly support Mesonet at SD State.”

Do you know of another website that could use the widget for this or any other Mesonet station? Have them contact Nathan at 626-2870 or Contact Us (make sure to let us know you are asking about the web widget).

Version 1.0 - 160x80 Single Station Widget
Here is the code you need to put on your web page:
<div id="MesonetSDStateWidget-PSTS2" class="MesonetSDStateWidget" data-mesonet-l='PSTS2' data-mesonet-n='Parkston' data-mesonet-v='1.0' data-mesonet-h='80' data-mesonet-w='160' data-mesonet-p=''> <img src='' alt='Mesonet at SD State Parkston realtime weather web widget' height='80' width='160' /></div> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Do not alter Height or Width values. Image version 1.0 is height and width specific.

If your IT department is having issues, they should feel free to contact us by clicking on the Feedback link or by calling 688-5682.

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